paulina 1
Paulina (Angela Hockley)

Inspector Truscott in Joe Orton's Loot (al, Wolverhampton Grand, 1974)

r and j

Romeo and Juliet, 1962 (Jane Lapotaire and al)

Greece2009 107

Epidaurus at last! (al, 2009)

"Who ARE these people?"

hermione 1

Hermione (Julia Halliwell)

leontes 1

Leontes (Richard Marsen)

Phoebe (Dee Silman)

viola 1

Viola (Rosamund Stock)

olivia 1

Olivia (Penny Atkinson)


Hamlet and Ophelia (James Tanfield and Katharine Rabson)

r and 2 2

Celia and Rosalind (Sarah Sadowski and Ruth Rogers)


Viola (Jenny Sargent)

r and c 1

Celia and Rosalind (Ashley Weedon and Felicity Lyon)

ham cla

The King and Hamlet (Richard Heard and James Tanfield)

3 tem

Caliban, Stephano and Trinculo (Jo Davies, Anna Pople and Zoe Stiles)


Miranda (Jessica Wheeler)

auto 2

Autolycus (Kate Howard-Smith)


Beatrice (Becky Arch)

bor dog

Borachio and Dogberry (Anisa Daniels and James Tanfield)


Feste (Katharine Rabson)

Feste (Carol Bacon)

Feste (Alison Griffin)

First Watch (Jane Currie)


Jacques (Katherine Akers)


Kate (Esme Harwood)

Olivia (Rebecca Johnston-Cook)


Portia (Kelly McGolpin)


Rosalind (Ruth Rogers)


Viola (Kelly Miller)

bott qiin

Bottom and Quince (Anna Pople, Rachel Dagwell)

ham hor

Hamlet and Horatio (Mary-Ann Stevens, Ellenor Blunt)


Helena (Alice Coe)


Hermione (Becky Arch)

leo herm

Leontes and Hermione (Anna Pople and Pauline Gill)

pom ove

Pompey and Overdone (Emma Gilkes, Shirley Mackrill)


Hamlet and Polonius (Julie Boydell, Shirley Mackrill)

puc ob

Puck and Oberon (Zoe Stiles, Becky Arch)


The Shepherds (Julia Samuels, Rachel Dagwell)


Macbeth sees the dagger (al)


Malvolio (Claire Jones)


The Porter (Nicola Maguire)


The Macbeths (al, and Jo Davies)

pet kat

Kate and Petruchio (Esme Harwood and Jessica Hodges)

bot tit

Bottom and Titania (Anna Pople and Anna Smith)

8 Responses to Drama!

  1. Louise Pichel says:

    Some familiar faces there! H&E productions were always pretty great! Some interesting posts on the blog too. Brings back happy memories of A Level English.

    • peterscochran says:

      Wait till I give up Byron and get round to digitising the tapes! They go back to 1983.

      Was your name always Pichel?


  2. Louise Pichel says:

    Yes, always Pichel – you only taught me for A Level; I was part of the S Level class as well. I’m now working as an Archivist at a museum where Geoffrey Bond is a Trustee – small world!

  3. Louise Pichel says:

    Library and Museum of Freemasonry. Definitely an interesting place to work!

    I’d never seen that video before – fascinating to watch though.

  4. Alice MacLeod (Coe) says:

    Wow! I loved looking through these pictures! They definitely bring back happy memories and you’ll be pleased to hear there are many of your ex-pupils who STILL talk about your productions and how you introduced us to Shakespeare way back in the 80s!

  5. Stefanie Williams says:

    Goodness! So many familiar faces. Do you have any videos of the (many) musicals H&E put on? I was in West Side Story in 1995 or 1996, and would love to see a recording of it.

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