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One Response to Byronic Documents

  1. Dan Kehayes says:

    Hi again Peter

    Was comparing your text of Don Leon [Byron & Women] with the one I have used to compile my Concord., & I have 3 observations for you:

    Firstly, you are missing a line @ 461 “Deep in the dark recesses of my mind” [your online version though is ok – we’ve come full circle, n’est pas?]

    Secondly, you have Hippocrates in the medieval period – more likely Greek B.C.

    And lastly, I am at a loss to understand 1417: Your version “The ship gets bigger with the wind behind”, [which is illogical] whereas my version is “The ship goes better with the wind behind”. This discrepancy needs more attention & comparison. A serious study needs a reliable text. [The Brit. Mus. has at least 4 different versions].

    Am just about to commence with Anna.


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