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  1. Dan Kehayes says:

    Hi Peter

    Was wondering if you ever plan on completing the Ober. on Ober.?

    It’s a part. fav. of mine – what with Aug. 1822; or should I default to Byron’s Misc. Prose/Marchand? (I find it highly relevant to Byron’s mindframe, esp. Don Leon-et-al.) “Paper-kites” come to mind, & Leon’s.

    Plan on rereading it after rereading Medwin’s Conversations – what a remarkable book, esp. the editorship of Lovell.

    It wouldn’t be too onerous, unless you have something more pressing on the go.

    Just wondering.


    Still plowing on with my Rhyming Directory (Byronic RimeTime).

    Presently reworking Childish Recollections, a most remarkable pre-Leon poem, esp. l.216 “And seek abroad the love denied at home [preceding rhyme was “hearts must roam”]”. Makes for an interesting comparison with Leon’s l. 681 “For here [Capuchin monastery] the wish, long cherished, long denied” …

    An extremely engrossing endeavour!!
    Your commentary very useful & enlightening.
    Now to connect the dots……

    • peterscochran says:

      I intend to do it eventually – right now am juggling four books at once.

      Miscellaneous Prose / Nicholson, surely?


  2. Dan Kehayes says:

    What are the books about – possible future customer?!

    • peterscochran says:

      We have

      Byron’s Poetry Byron and Latin Culture

      – conference proceedings from last year

      Europe misreads Byron [provisional title] – been working at it for 20 years

      Aspects of Don Juan – conference proceedings for this year [already writing the intro]


  3. Dan Kehayes says:


    You have a lot on your plate.

    The Don Juan book sounds interesting – any similarities with The Erotic Liberal, & the gay narrator?

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