Hobhouse’s Diary

00 Introduction

01 Portugal

02 Spain

03 Malta

04 Greece

05 Athens

06 Smyrna

07 Constantinople

08 Home

09 England

10 Ireland

11 1812

12 Hobhouse on the Continent

13 Early1814

14 Paris1814

15 London late 1814

16 Byron’s Wedding

17 HundredDays

18 Late 1815

19 Separation

20 Mid1816

21 The Rhine

22 Switzerland

23 Milan

24 Milan to Venice

25 Venice late 1816

26 Venice 1817

27 London and Politics 1818

28 Don Juan and Peterloo 1819

29 Newgate and Westminster 1820

30 1821

31 1822

32 1823

33 1824 Byron’s Death and Funeral

16 Responses to Hobhouse’s Diary

  1. Katia Nizic says:

    Dear Peter Cochrane,

    Murdoch Books Australia will shortly be printing a book for which we would like to request the use of some of your work. In order to communicate some confidential information, would you please be able to send me an email at katian@murdochbooks.com.au with your contact details?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm Regards,

    Katia Nizic
    Publishing Coordinator
    Murdoch Books

  2. Dan Kehayes says:

    Hi Peter

    In section #20 of the Diary (Mid-1816) I was intrigued with Hobhouse’s “Byroniana” mentioned on p.90 regarding Byron’s Separation; you failed to mention in your note that it is available as Chapter 15 of RLL, 2:191-355; it would prove to be highly useful if you were to include an excerpt therefrom. Just an observation.

    Highly informative endeavour, learning plenty of new material.

    Season’s greetings

    • peterscochran says:

      I find the RLL section reeks with calculation and mendacity, and wouldn’t recommend it to a dog.

      The problem with doing a full account of the separation is that so much of the documentation is in the Lovelace Papers, which can only be reproduced at vast expense.

      One day …


  3. Dan Kehayes says:

    Thanks Peter for the heads-up; I will have a look at it though, for one must leave no stone unturned.

    It would make an interesting comparison though with Leon to Annabella, as far as the Separation/authorship is concerned.

    PS You did mention it (RLL etc) on p.95 of the Diary, so somewhat premature.

    Again Ho Ho Ho

  4. Dan Kehayes says:

    Hi again Peter

    What a mammoth undertaking; it’s heavy going in places, but also “there’s gold in them there hills”; I was part. struck with the funeral procession of Queen Caroline, so vivid, so reminiscent of the Pricess Diana fiasco, and sharing striking parallels; it also further strengthened my notion that “Mother Windsor plies her dirty work” is in fact Queen Caroline; recall Byron’s own treatment of her in DJ-05, “courser” etc.

    I am about to begin 1822, that critical year of CLogher, & Castlereagh, & Masi, as well as Shelley’s drowning; plus la grande viste of Hobby-O himself in Sept.; I am keeping an open mind.

    About your notion of the seating arrangement of the Commons sparking your guess as to authorship, to me it seems flimsy, in that despite the first row of benches for the ministers, the seating arrangement does not seem fixed, but quite fluid; & notwithstanding the fact that Byron had access to newspspers, Galignani, as well as from Hoppner.

    Byron’s own letters are the best source of clues & real evidence, namely Kinnaird for starters..

    Looking forward to engaging you directly on these points.

    The Byronic world owes you a great debt of gratitude for providing a mountain of new materials to pursue their studies, interpret as they may. Always Onwards!!

    All the best in the New Year.

  5. Dan Kehayes says:

    Happy New Year Peter

    The segments of Hobhouse’s Diary that stand out for me has to be foremostly the section on the Memoirs (and exhaustively annotated by you, which will be a great help in further researching); than, B’s body’s return to England, description of the corpse; the funeral procession of the Queen (B’s own procession and funeral is anticlimactic in comparison); and lastly, the Hundred days of Napoleon.

    As far as the Memoirs, it would be interesting to counterpoint H’s 17 May entry, with Moore’s own text from the Addenedum Journal 6:2441-44 (in Russell’s transcription the date is removed outright from Vol. 2, & for 18 May Moore is reportedly “singing”, which he patently is not, as per Vol. 6 – therefore Russell’s text is highly suspect, fabricating events that never took place!!). For the most part they cooroborate each other, except for (Diary 33:51) where H. says “he [Murray] could not find the agreement”; whereas Moore (p.2443) clearly states “The agreement was at length found and produced” before the money was returned to Murray etc; so obviously H. is recreating (or forgetful) reality to suit his own purposes, for it must be admitted that he was not thinking of B’s interests, but his own parliamentary reputation, and now suffers because of it – Moore shines in comparison!

    In your Hobby-O Chap. 14 you cover a lot of ground, from July 1824 onwards; however it seems to me that your Diary suffers from incompleteness & unfinished business, in that we have followed H’s career as a reformer in its infancy, & now it comes to an abrupt end, without resolving satisfactorily his/Reforms rise to power. Plus it would broaden the appeal of the Diary as an historical document, not only for those interested in all things Byronic, but as well with the historical evolution of that great institution, our parliamentary democracy that we take for granted. If we could only have 8 more years of the Diary to 1832ish it should round it off nicely – you’ve come this far with it, that it would be a shame to leave it incomplete – though to go to the very end would be tiresome, I’m sure.

    Again I take my hat off to you.


    • peterscochran says:

      Hi there.

      [a] the burning – I attach a thing I published in my mag last year.

      [b] the rest of Hob – doing this much took me twenty-plus years, working at weekends only. Perhaps time for someone else to do the remaining two-and-a-half decades? I’m 68 next month.


  6. Dan Kehayes says:

    Hi Peter

    In the Byron Journal I take it?

    20 years – WOW; OK then, I think you’ve had your fill.

    At 68 it’s time to start slowing a bit – stay healthy & think positively – Music is the best medicine out there, esp. if you like Bach – listening to his Harpischord Concerto’s right now, joyful & sunny.

    Like to meet you some day.


    PS turning 55 this year, and now retired, so can devote the rest of my life to the big question of authorship.

  7. Dan Kehayes says:

    Hi again Peter

    Can’t find your attachment for the burning of Memoirs mentioned in earlier post; can’t find the Newstead Review site either – is there one? Googled, but only Int’l B Society, & it has older articles, but no link to the actual site.


  8. Dan Kehayes says:

    Sorry Peter but I don’t see the attachment – was it with your recent message? If you log onto your Hobhouse Diary site, can you see the attachment? Or maybe I’m missing something.

    Or is it elsewhere – I’m still a newbie.

  9. Dan Kehayes says:

    Again Peter no attachment – where are you attaching it to?

  10. Dan Kehayes says:

    Hi Peter

    I’ve fixed my email address, so if you could resend this one more time I won’t bug you again


  11. Dan Kehayes says:

    Thanks Peter

    Got it


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