Videos of Peter Cochran’s Memorial

Peter Cochran was an actor, teacher and Byron scholar. Family, friends, former students and Byron scholars gathered at Clare College, Cambridge on 10th October 2015 to celebrate his life.

His friends read accounts of his early life in Ipswich and Cambridge, his time in the footlights, and years as an actor. Tributes were given by students that were inspired by his enthusiasm.

Fellow Byron scholars read and performed the poetry that Peter loved, they remembered him for the depth of his knowledge, generosity and unusual, often challenging points of view!

Edited highlights of some of the tributes paid to Peter by his fellow Byron Scholars.

Introduction by Alex Weinle
Tribute from Peter Cochran’s daughters Emily and Abi

Peter’s account of his student life and days as an actor were read by his friends. A tribute from Neil Salmon a teacher who helped spark his love of English and Drama. Choice extracts of Peter’s notes taken when he was secretary of the footlights (edited by Pete Atkin). Music from Peter’s friend Daryl Runswick.

  • Kerry Crabbe – Ipswich years
  • 8 min – Neil Salmon – A Tribute from Peter’s high school teacher
  • 15 min – Cambridge years read by Richard Harris
  • 20 mins – Footlights minutes read by Richard Harris & Pete Atkin
  • 29 min – Acting years read by Clive Wilmer
  • 38 min – Daryl Runswick – Sonatina (third movement)

Edited highlights of tributes paid to Peter Cochran by former students and teaching colleagues at his memorial celebration in October 2015.

  • Jo Davies – Caliban’s Dream
  • 5 min – Katharine Rabson Stark – Tribute
  • 11 min – Lydia Bakelmun Reading *Dee Larkin’s ‘Great Expectations’
  • 18 min – Elaine Owen – Tribute
  • 24 min – Lyn Lockwood – Tribute & Slaughterhouse 5 by Kurt Vonnigut
  • 29 min – Diane Rabson – Tribute
  • 36 min – Katharine Rabson Stark – Feste’s Song from Twelfth Night by Shakespeare*Dee Larkin (nee Silman) has recently completed a novel about a dysfunctional childhood in the seventies called Departure of the Queen of Idioms. She plans now to return to her first novel, begun fifteen years ago, in which one of the main characters was inspired by Peter!
  • Jim Tanfield – Byron Descends! Written by Peter
  • 3 min – Christine Kenyon-Jones – Tribute
  • 9 min – Ralph Lloyd Jones – Ralph Lloyd Jones
  • 16 min – Itsuyo Higashinaka – Tribute
  • 20 min – Allan Gregory – Byzantium by W.B. Yeats
  • 27 min – Miroslawa (Mirka) Modrzewska – Beniowski
  • 35 min – Bernard Beatty – Tributes from Geoffrey Bond & Shobhana Bhattacharji
  • 37 min – Jack Wasserman – ‘Brush Up Your Byron’
  • 44 min – Drummond Bone – Hobhouse’s Diary

Lord Byron’s The Vision of Judgement – Abridged and Introduced by Bernard Beatty

Narrator: Bernard Beatty
St Peter: Roddy Beaton
Junius: Ralph Lloyd-Jones
Wilkes: Tom Mole
Asmodeus: John Pine
First Cherub: Jonathon Shears
George III: Ken Purslow
Other Cherubs: Anna Camilleri, Shona Allan
Emily Paterson-Morgan & Christine Kenyon-Jones
Satan: David McClay
St Michael: Ken Robbie
The Temperate Scot: Sir Drummond Bone
Jonathan: the voice of Peter Francev
Southey: Stephen Minta

  • Ken Purslow – ‘Bright Be The Place Of Thy Soul!’ by Byron, introduced By Bernard Beatty
  • Clarissa Cochran – Thanks

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